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Driving through the desert on a car with no name, circa January 2017.

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To set some geographical context and for all non-swedish readers, we are at a classic ski area pretty much right in the heart of Sweden called Sälenfjällen. Used to come here a lot as a kid, both in summer and in winter but not so much in the past 10-15 years. Super popular for families normally due to that the slopes are quite flat and friendly for beginners in terms of alpine/downhill skiing. But we weren’t here for that.

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Will things ever change?

Do we want them to?

Lizzie Stannard.

Lizzie was born to be a cyclist. Literally. Her parents met while away racing in the Nineties equivalent of the National Road Series. That’s not to say that Lizzie hasn’t tried her hand (arms and legs) at a number of other sports, including running, equestrian, swimming, skateboarding, canoe polo, football, netball and triathlon. It was in the latter that she found the most success, representing the Kiwis in the ITU World Cup and on the French pro circuit. But according to Lizzie, “three sports is two too many!” And with that in mind, and nagging running injury, she decided to give road cycling a crack. Half a season in Europe later and a year into surviving by herself in Melbourne – rife with injury, crashes and a particularly hard dose of reality – she is still ambitious and very ready to start a new season with a new team and new opportunities to learn.